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Blocking and Unblocking Internet Content

Internet users who believe a certain website needs to be blocked or unblocked can send their request to Etisalat. We will consider these requests based on the UAE's Internet Access Management Policy, and will take appropriate action as necessary. The following process may be followed in submitting your requests.

Users may click the Feedback Form accessible on Blocking Page or visit, to submit your request.

Select appropriate /option Block or Unblock as required.

Fill in your relevant contact information such as contact number and email address.

Fill in complete URL of the website or the specific link that needs to be blocked or unblocked.

Provide an explanation for why you believe this site should be blocked or unblocked. Please refer to the Prohibited Content Categories as per the UAE's Internet Access Management Policy for information.

Finally submit the form for Etisalat action.

Once an appropriate action is taken you will be notified of the action through an email.

Our Customer Service representative will look at your requests and will take necessary action as per the UAE's Internet Access Management Policy or take it up with concerned authorities for their review and decision if there is a need.

Click here to view Prohibited Content Categories