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Government is dedicated to improving UAE business environment.

The UAE has always relied upon the skills, dedication and resourcefulness of its people to deliver the exceptional growth the country has seen over recent years. Now, as the economies of the world enter a new and uncertain future, it presents the UAE with opportunities and challenges in almost equal measure.The government?s overriding priority is to its people and the resulting social policies it puts in place to improve their standard of living.

The long-term strategy to achieve these improvements relies on government and industry working hand-in-hand. UAE government policy recognises that the private sector is of major importance in the drive for diversified economic growth and full employment for nationals.The creation of a facilitative business environment, which encourages local investors to put their wealth to productive use, as well as attracting foreign investment, has been an important aspect of this policy.

Key elements in the UAE?s incentive strategy have been the provision of first-class industrial facilities and business support services, the reduction of red tape and streamlining of administrative procedures, as well as the updating of commercial laws and regulations to meet international obligations, increase transparency and ensure effective protection for investors. Favourable tax laws and political stability also assist in making the UAE a prime business location .