We believe that your unique experiences, skills and passions will further shape into a challenging and rewarding career at Etisalat. In your association with Etisalat, you will gain best in class experience in telecommunications business and you will become part of a winning team dedicated to help you develop, learn and grow.

At Etisalat, as a business, and as a winning team, we're amazingly diverse. But we have all got a few things in common.

  • We're ambitious
  • We're open minded.
  • We're dynamic.
  • We respect our customer's needs.
  • We enjoy working together.
  • We embrace new technologies.
  • And we're excited about the future.

At Etisalat, you are encouraged to be creative, think way outside the box, and work with some of the industry's most innovative minds on high impact assignments.

This will build a healthy culture of employee engagement and ultimately lead to engaged customers.

We welcome you to Etisalat. As we together engage to make your career fulfilling in Etisalat, we also look forward to your ideas to drive Etisalat to future success.

Wish you a Winning Career ahead at Etisalat!

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