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eLife TV

eLife TV is the most convenient way for your whole family to watch more of your desired TV programs, when you want. Get all your favourite channels, pause, record and rewind live TV, catch up on TV you may have missed - plus watch movies OnDemand. All this and more with eLife TV.

  • High Definition (HD) TV Channels

    Get more than 130 HD channels that enable you to enjoy programs in very high resolution, clear colors, and crisp sounds. The latest additions include numerous HD channels from MBC.

  • Personalize your TV Experience

    Create different user profiles and ensure better control. Define or change audience rating,
    limit OnDemand (VOD) consumption, and create lists of favourite channels and preferred
    languages unique to each user at home.

  • OnDemand (VOD)

    Get access to a large collection of movies of every genre as you choose from the latest Hollywood
    blockbusters or re-live the magical moments from your favourite classic film. Watch out for the release of a range of TV series
    and other videos ? all at the touch of a button! There is surely a lot to see and share with your
    family and friends, all from the comfort of your home.

  • Universal Remote Control

    Program your remote control for multiple devices like eLife TV Boxes, TV and Home Theater, and DVD Player

    Its sleek and compact design makes life easy while watching eLife TV as you maximize one remote control for your multiple needs.

    Download Audio Device Codes | TV Codes | User Manual

  • TV Recorder

    If you've ever taken a call during your favourite TV program or wanted to view a replay of your favourite sporting moment, you'll understand why we've developed the eLife TV Recorder. Now with the push of a button you can:

    - Pause live TV while watching any channel

    - Rewind scenes while watching

    - Instantly record and replay any time

    - Schedule recordings of your favourite programs using the Program Guide (EPG)

  • Catch-Up TV

    Missed a favourite TV show? Use our Catch-Up TV Service and get to watch the best of a week?s TV program lineup from most of your favourite TV channels.

  • Channels on eLife TV

    There's never been a better time for high-quality drama, comedy, and documentaries on the small screen. Subscribe to your favourite TV channels from eLife TV's wide range of regional and international channels that offer you a variety of entertainment choices, so that there is always something great to watch just when you want to watch.