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Broadband for Home - Al Shamil
Fast, reliable, easy Internet connection for home users through Al Shamil broadband service.
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  • 4G LTE USB Modem
  • 4G LTE Mobile Wifi

Etisalat is providing the fastest 4G Mobile Broadband devices which are offered for free or discounted prices with affordable packages rates.

4G LTE USB Modem

Find your wireless internet connection anywhere in a coffee shop or airport, or while you're out on the road with Etisalat 4G USB Internet Modems.

It's slim, small and portal. Just insert in the SIM card, plug it in your laptop and start surfing.

  • Portable USB
  • Ideal for traveling
  • Micro SIM Data Card required
  • High performance
  • Included memory to store your data
  • Free or discounted with My Data plan
  • Up to 100 Mpbs speed
Broadband for Home - Al Shamil