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Wasel - Prepaid Mobile
A prepaid mobile solution for you to have the convenience of instant communication and being in touch with the world.
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Collect Call

Now Etisalat Collect Call Service - Call others on their cost enables the caller to make a call from any Etisalat mobile, Land line or payphone number to any Etisalat Mobile number and the called number will pay for that call.

This service also enables you to allow other friends/people to call you at your expense without even having enough credit to call.

at all times
when out of credit

  • Service is available to all Etisalat prepaid and postpaid customers.
  • All Etisalat customers can set their own white list. Numbers added to the white list will be connected by the called party without permission.
  • All Etisalat customers can set their own black list. Numbers added to the black list will automatically be rejected without disturbing the called party.
  • The collect-calls will be shown in the recipient (payer) bill with their charges and details.
  • This service is only available within the United Arab Emirates, not available while roaming.
  • This service is available between Etisalat customers only.
  • You can manage your White/Black and other Collect Call features by using one of the below ways:

    - Collect Call USSD menu Press *132#
    - Call the IVR number 132
    - Visit Collect Call website.


The service is free of charge. However, the called party will be charged as normal call charges per minute (bundles minutes will not be considered).

Specification Details
How to use Etisalat Collect Call Service?

You can make a collect-call using one of the following ways:

  • Via USSD

    Press *132*05xxxxxxxx# where 05xxxxxxxx is the called person number.

  • Via IVR

    Call 132 and follow the instructions.

    On both ways the called person (whom you have made a call to) will receive a call. Once the person picks the call, he/she will be requested to either accept or reject the call. Upon accepting, the call will be connected.

Wasel - Prepaid Mobile