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Wasel - Prepaid Mobile
A prepaid mobile solution for you to have the convenience of instant communication and being in touch with the world.
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International Credit Transfer

A quick and easy way to transfer credit from your Wasel account to any prepaid account in the world

The International Credit Transfer service facilitates transfer of airtime at the spot exchange rate to other carriers overseas. Etisalat has connected to 170+ mobile network operators in 70+ countries in order to facilitate credit transfer from Etisalat Wasel prepaid accounts to virtually any prepaid account in the world.

As an Etisalat Wasel customer, you will be able to gift airtime to your loved ones overseas instantly, or if you are a tourist or business visitor roaming with your prepaid account from your home country in the UAE, you will be able to recharge your prepaid account back home. There is no registration required; so provided you have a positive balance on your Wasel account, you can send Credit to virtually any prepaid account in the world, thanks to Etisalat partnerships.

The International Credit Transfer service is designed to offer the international expat community, (immigrants, tourist and business visitors) in the UAE an easy and inexpensive way of sending "gifts" of airtime to their loved ones back home or recharging their own prepaid accounts back home while roaming in the UAE. This service can also be used to keep prepaid lines back home active and be reachable at all times while in the UAE. Similar to international money transfer or remittance, international airtime transfer provides customers the opportunity to directly transfer airtime at an affordable cost, regardless of location, in a very simple and convenient manner, directly from their mobile handsets.

Quick and convenient
anytime, anywhere
Send from
the comfort of your home, or hotel room
No registration required

Activation & Deactivation

No activation required. If you have a positive Wasel balance, you can initiate the transaction. You will receive a confirmation message with the spot exchange rate for the transaction and charges before execution.

How to use

Send via SMS "international number" to short code 1700 and follow the instructions of the session.

Wasel - Prepaid Mobile