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Wasel - Prepaid Mobile
A prepaid mobile solution for you to have the convenience of instant communication and being in touch with the world.
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Call Me Back - Request others to call you

With Etisalat "Call Me Back" service you will be able to send a message to other Etisalat mobile customers asking them to call you back, the destination number will receive the following text, "You have received a call request from 050XXXXXXX."

This service is available to all Etisalat customers in United Arab Emirates and while roaming, provided that the operator you roam on supports the star command service.

of charge
Keep you in touch
with friends and family within UAE

Specification Details
  • How to use the Call Me Back service

     For Arabic SMS Request

    Type *199*Destination Number followed by the # key and press SEND.

     For English SMS texts & Messages 

    Type *188*Destination Number ollowed by the # key and press SEND.


This service is totally free of charge with no rental or set-up fees required.

*Your mobile credit should be less than AED 2 in order to use the service.

Wasel - Prepaid Mobile