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A prepaid mobile solution for you to have the convenience of instant communication and being in touch with the world.

Call Me Back - Request others to call you

an exclusive service for mobile customers, lets you remind family and friends to ring you when you are outside the UAE..

Etisalat Kallemni Service keeps you in touch with your family, friends and your office by requesting them to call you back either when you run out of credit or when you are abroad, by sending a request (in SMS format) to Etisalat UAE mobile number.

This service is available to all Etisalat Wasel Prepaid customers in UAE and while roaming provided that the operator you roam on supports the (USSD) star command service.

of charge
Keep you in touch
with friends and family within UAE


The service is free of charge, however the called party will be charged according to the normal applicable call charges when he/she returns the call.

Specification Details
  • How to send a Kallemni request

    If you want to be contacted by your family, friends or your office, just follow the instructions below to send a message from your mobile handset to other UAE mobile number.

     For English SMS texts & Messages 

    Type *188*destination number# followed by the Send key. 

     For Arabic SMS texts & Messages 

    Type *199*destination number# followed by the Send key.

How to subscribe

There is no subscription to the service. The service is available by default to all Etisalat Wasel Prepaid customers, free of charge.

Wasel - Prepaid Mobile