Online payment solutions for businesses and financial institutions

Payment is the most important element of any business transaction. For eBusiness, where transactions happen 24x7, the need for a robust payment solution is of paramount importance. Not to forget the importance of ensuring the payment happens in a secure and reliable environment. Etisalat is the premier provider of online payment services in the UAE. Equipped with a secure, reliable, robust and flexible payment platform, we at Etisalat offer a range of affordable services to satisfy varying payment requirements. This platform provides an excellent foundation for performing several types of transactions. The modular structure enables various payment instruments to be plugged into the platform very smoothly. Furthermore, it consists of a common transaction engine with enterprise management and reporting capabilities. The payment platform is designed to process transactions from credit cards, bank accounts, direct counter payment as well as capability to process payments from the mobile channel.

More Benefits

  • - Direct bank to bank settlement of payments.
  • - Convenient, anytime, anywhere transaction capability.
  • - Secure, bank authenticated, non-reputable service.
  • - Real time service delivery. - Cost-effective channel.
  • - Use of available online banking channels.
  • - Support for recurring, periodic and term based transactions.
  • - Bilingual (Arabic/ English) common payment page.
  • - Reconciliation tools options.

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