Etisalat's eSecurity Consulting helps our customers establish sound security practices, as well as minimizing the chances of security compromises.
Etisalat's eSecurity consulting team consists of CISSPs, BS7799 Lead Auditors, PMP and CISA qualified resources. All have extensive industry experience, as well as a wide understanding of the leading security disciplines and technologies. Our consulting teams work closely with your company to help you gain maximum benefit from your investment in upgrading your network security. Using standard methodologies we can help you establish 'best practice' and implement the right technologies for your organisation.

Etisalat eSecurity Consulting Services include:
  • Risk Assessment & Mitigation
  • Security Policy Development and Implementation
  • Security Design
  • Security Review and Audit
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Incident Response Consulting
  • BS 7799 Compliance
  • eSecurity Training Services
Risk Assessment & Mitigation

Delivered by a highly trained security team, the Risk Assessment service identifies the internal and external risks faced by businesses. The risks are then classified and appropriate risk management strategies proposed. Key elements of the process are:
- Analysis of Company Business Strategy
- Risk Identification and Analysis Report
- Risk Mitigation and Management Recommendations

Security Policy Development & Implementation

Well-written and understood security policies underpin an organisation's security strategy. Etisalat works with the client to design and develop integrated security policies providing strong protection against hackers, business rivals and any other unauthorized users. Key areas covered are: business requirements, priorities, roles & responsibilities, security solutions and security mechanisms.
Key deliverables include:

- Enterprise Security Policy
- System Level Security Policy
- Implementation Strategy
- Awareness Program
- Policy Audit and Compliance

Security Design

Etisalat aims to provide best-in-class security design, planning and project management services to our corporate customers in order to help them deal effectively with security threats. We can help design, review and execute a security posture for clients in government, banking, transportation as well as many other sectors.

Security Review and Audit

Security Review and Audit ensures that a client's Security Design and IT infrastructure provide optimal security as well as meeting your business needs. Security specialists study the existing design of the network, applications and infrastructure to identify any possible security shortcomings. Key elements of the Review are:

- Network Design Security Analysis
- Network Device Configuration Analysis
- Security Device Configuration Analysis
- Systems Security Analysis
- External Device Review
- Security Monitoring Analysis
- Application Audit (MS exchange, Databases, Web Servers, Application Servers, etc.)

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Planning

Business Continuity Planning (BCP) helps organisations prepare for eventualities that can cause both tangible losses (such as financial) and intangible losses (such as to customer confidence or to your business reputation). Disaster Recovery Planning gives organisations a practical action plan to copy with potential future crises. Our team will do the following:

- Identify internal and external factors that could disrupt operations
- Identify all potential points of failure.
- Undertake a business impact analysis and identify ways to ensure continuity of operations in the event of disaster
- Recommend the most appropriate security measure for each class of assets(in line with a cost/benefit analysis)
- Deliver a plan designed to be be tested in a real-life situation
- Recommend measures to keep business continuity plans up-to-date and relevant.

Incident Response Consulting

Incident Response Consulting helps organisations design and implement a program to deal with computer security incidents, as well as bringing about a speedy recovery from such incidents. The following services are provided to help organisations to detect and deal with security breaches:

- Incident Response Strategy Development
- Establishment of an Incident Response & Recovery Team
- Training of Staff
- An Incident Response & Recovery Readiness Audit
- Data Recovery and Forensic Investigation

BS 7799 Compliance

Gap analysis allows organisations to assess the compliance of their security implementation processes to the BS 7799 standards for Information Security. The analysis is not as comprehensives as a formal Security Audit.

eSecurity Training Services

eSecurity Training Services are conducted by leading IT security industry experts. They are designed to underpin a client's readiness to tackle security threats. Courses combine theory and hands-on workshops to give your key employees a balanced and practical learning experience.
Etisalat offers courses to which anyone can sign-up, but can also perform in-house training for corporate customers.
The current range of Training Services includes:

- Security Awareness Training
- Security for Managers
- Developing Security Policies
- Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning
- Wireless Security
- BS7799
- Ethical Hacking
- PKI Training

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