eBusiness Solutions

Today's corporate clients efficiently manage their time and resources , and a key value proposition of Etisalat?s eBusiness offering is to enable them to achieve this goal.

Etisalat?s competence in the utilisation of Information and communication technologies (ICT) In the support of your business' activities extends to the provision of mobile payment solutions as well as the facilitation of online transactions, which in the end have the ability to allow commercial transactions in many more places than before.

What remains key to the successful implementation and uptake of eBusiness solutions by your business is the presence of a reliable network operator, which in turn has strong relations with device manufacturers and financial services organisations. Research has shown that mCommerce in particular is not possible without a secure environment, especially for those transactions involving monetary value. Security challenges include the mobile device, the radio interface, the network operator infrastructure, and the kind of mCommerce application.

Etisalat offers a secure and robust platform from which enterprises and individuals alike can look to harness the power of the Internet in order to transact commercial activities within the most secure environment possible.