Mobility Solutions

Geared at improving your productivity, Etisalat?s Mobility solutions allow workforcess to continue to be productive while on the move, or while remotely positioned from the office. Mobility solutions allow your staff to remain connected to corporate information without having to be at office premises, and facilitate large groups of workers to remain in contact with one another without being in the same proximity to one another.

According to Strategy Analytics, the portion of overall IT budgets allocated to wireless spending in 2008 was pegged to 12 per cent overall, and the research company forecasts that figure is unlikely to change dramatically in 2009, and grow further in years to come. Organisations still face the challenge of managing decentralised workforces, increasing numbers of remote workers and reducing operational costs.

Etisalat?s Mobility Solutions facilitate the transformation of mobile and wireless information access into a strategic IT initiative that delivers tangible return on investment to your activities. Partnering with leading device and IT solution providers such as Research In Motion, Etisalat ensures the provision and security of devices and networks in order for mobile staffers to be able to go about their duties effectively. Industry technology providers suggest that building a mobile workforce strategy requires the cooperation of IT and business managers who together determine how wireless information access can be used to improve productivity, customer responsiveness and other key metrics within the business.

As your IT managers turn the strategy into reality, it is imperative they consider - and choose to work with technology providers such as Etisalat who can deliver five key requirements:

- Enterprise-class security
- Application optimisation with real-time push synchronisation
- Broad handheld support and device-level integration
- Robust fleet management tools
- Flexible service and support

Etisalat has thus tailored a suite of services to keep your business securely connected and functioning 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Etisalat has actively contributed to the UAE?s success, supporting the nation?s growth and expanding its services to meet ever-growing needs. This has been our commitment over the years and will continue to be our endeavorendeavour in the future. Etisalat?s 3G network covers the entire UAE and, as a global operator, we have expanded our reach across the world, offering our customers international roaming in over 130 countries. We are ready for the industry developments as they occur.