Gigaset A220

a reliable all-rounder landline telephone

The Gigaset A220 lets you talk to friends and family with true sound clarity. The convenient hands-free functionality means you can stay comfortable while talking, and you’ll never miss a word thanks to the integrated High Sound Performance technology.

Hands-free phone

Comfortable with brilliant sound. With up to 18 hours of talk time and 200 hours of standby, you have the freedom to enjoy your conversations as long as you’d like. An easy-to-use, full-color menu and a phonebook for 80 entries ensure that all the important details are at your fingertips.
The Gigaset A220 also features the energy-saving ECO DECT technology, which uses up to 60% less energy compared to conventional cordless phones.
Designed to meet the needs of busy lifestyles, the Gigaset A220 combines brilliant sound quality with an attractive, modern design – perfect for multi-taskers looking for high performance.

High Sound Performance

A new experience in sound. The integrated HSP technology allows you to catch every detail not only while holding the receiver, but also while talking hands-free. Experience the crystal clarity for yourself with the Gigaset A220.

Brilliant sound quality

The hands-free function of the Gigaset A220 is a great solution for multi-taskers with busy lifestyles. With this phone you can do everything you have planned – or just lie back and relax – and still be able to chat with friends or family in brilliant sound quality. Featuring both a multidirectional speakerphone and a headset connection via 2.5mm jack, the possibilities are limitless.

Stay in touch

With a talk time of up to 25 hours. Whether you have a lot to say to your best friend or want to chat with everyone individually, the Gigaset A220 never lets you down: enjoy up to 18 hours of talk time and up to 200 hours of standby.

More space for friends and family

Up to 150 entries in the phone book. Keep track of all your contacts: the Gigaset A220 features a spacious phone book that lets you store the numbers of up to 80 people. Handling all these details is wonderfully simple. You can effortlessly find, edit or delete your contacts thanks to the self-explaining menu and the Gigaset A220’s easy-to-read illuminated color display.
The Gigaset A220 is the easy and self-explaining phone with brilliant sound quality that offers you a comfortable way to make calls with friends and family.

ECO DECT for a greener lifestyle

Featuring an energy-saving power supply, the Gigaset A220 uses up to 60% less energy than our conventional cordless phones – so it saves you money and is better for the environment. Like all Gigaset cordless phones, it also variably reduces transmitting power from the handset to base station according to their distance apart – but goes further in a number of other ways.
Choosing ECO Mode on this model allows you to reduce the base station’s transmitting power by 80% for all registered handsets.
When docked, this phone also reduces the transmitting power of both handset and base station to almost zero. As a result, you can enjoy a more energy-efficient way of staying connected with the world.


• Speakerphone
• Phone book – 80 entries
• Illuminated graphical 1,4” dot matrix display
• Talk time/standby time up to 18/200 hours
• Range 50m indoor and 300m outdoor
• Missed call list – 25 entries
• Redial list – 10 entries
• ECO Mode Plus with no radiation
• Expandable up to 4 handsets
• 3 party conference (1 external / 2 internal participants)
• Selective and collective call of internal handsets

You can get your Gigaset A220 for only AED 99 (one time payment).