Roaming Landing Page

Land, click, roam. Peace of mind abroad with free access to data and voice roaming offers

If you need more information about available roaming offers, if you want to check your roaming balance; or if you want more information about available networks, the new Roaming Landing Page gives you free of charge access to Etisalat’s roaming packages when you are abroad.
The landing page will give you peace of mind while using your Etisalat mobile service during your travels. Accessing it is easy, when you reach your destination, you will receive a Welcome SMS from Etisalat, simply click on the link provided in the welcome message (, and access the site free of charge.

Why use the Roaming Landing Page?

1. FREE access to select and activate roaming packs while travelling
2. Choose from various data and voice packs easily
3. Instant activation at your finger tips
4. Monitor your usage on the go
5. Have more control on your roaming spends
6. See what networks are available to you

How do I access the Personal Roaming Guide?

1. When you reach your destination (outside UAE), switch on your mobile phone
2. Switch on data roaming from your phone settings
3. Open a web browser
4. You will see a Roaming landing page on the screen, on your first data usage; alternatively
5. You will receive a Welcome SMS from Etisalat
6. Open the Welcome SMS and click on the provided link ( on any of the networks for FREE (will not work over Wi-Fi)
7. Alternatively, after switching on data roaming, this link will open automatically on your first data usage from a browser – don’t forget, you will not be charged for accessing this page


1. Am I going to be charged to access this page?
A : No, you will not be charged for browsing this page while roaming as it has been made available for FREE to all Etisalat customers

2. Is this page available everywhere?
A: You can access this page only while roaming outside the UAE, in the 105 preferred countries across all networks present in these countries.

3. Can I bookmark this page for later use?
A: Yes, you can bookmark this page to use it whenever you need it.

4. How many times can I access this page?
A: You can access this page as many times as you want while roaming not exceeding 20MB usage on this page within a calendar month. After exceeding the 20MB limit you will not be able to access this page.

5. Can I monitor my usage real-time?
A: Yes, you can check your balance and monitor your usage real time on the go for both voice and data spends.

Etisalat Travelers’ Help Line

For any support on roaming services, you can reach Etisalat Travelers' help line from abroad or inside UAE by contacting any of the following from your mobile:
*145*8002300#OK (free call back for Postpaid customers)
+ 971 8002300 (standard outgoing roaming rates apply)
+ 971 400 444101 (standard outgoing roaming rates apply)
800 2300 (if dialing from within UAE)
or email:
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