Never miss an important call on your Home Telephone


Voicemail service on your home phone

Etisalat Voicemail service for home telephone lets people keep in touch, when you cannot answer the phone or are away from home. Voicemail service answers your call and records messages on your behalf.

Benefits and Features


  • Access your mailbox from anywhere in the world

  • Greet callers with your own recorded personal greeting

  • Easy retrieval of messages ; Access, listen, save, skip and delete voice messages

How to retrieve Voicemail messages

from your home phone
From other numbers within UAE AED 30 Fils / Min
Outside UAE
Dial 123 from your home phone (30 Fils / Min) Dial 080-landline number without the 0 before it- (30 Fils / Min) For eg., If your landline number is 046123456 then dial 08046123456
Call +9714004123 (IDD charges applicable from that country will apply)

After subscribing to the service, how to use the service?


  • Dial into 123 IVR from the home phone number and customize the secret PIN number

  • Customize your greeting message

  • Forward or cancel your incoming calls to the voicemail box using the codes mentioned below

Activate voicemail call forwarding
Deactivate voicemail call forwarding
When your home telephone is Busy Dial *67*123#
Dial #67#
When your telephone is unanswered Dial *61*123#
Dial #61#


Customers of eLife Bundles
Customers of Only Home Phone service
One-time setup fees -
Service Rental -
AED 15 / quarter
Message retrieval charges / Access to Voice mail service by dialing 123 30 Fils / Min
30 Fils / Min
Password Reset Fees 25 Dhs / reset
25 Dhs / reset

How to Subscribe

Customers of eLife Bundles
Customers of Only Home Phone service
Bundled with your product Dial 125 IVR on your home phone and subscribe

Terms & Conditions


  • Service is available in Arabic & English only

  • Available for both eLife and only home phone customers

  • Redirect your calls to the voicemail system when you choose to do it.

  • 15 messages of storage capacity for up to 14 days ; Max. length of 30 seconds per message