What is eLife TV 200003? Online Postpaid

The new eLife TV experience is a key part of the eLife "Triple Play" bundle. With over 490 TV channels at your fingertips, you're always sure to find something to enjoy. Plus, you can choose from over 15 different packages featuring Sports, Family Entertainment, News and more. If you're looking for great TV entertainment, you came to the right place. The latest shows, movies and sports events, a crystal-clear digital picture with all the extras:
- Recorder
- OnDemand
- Guide
- Catch Up TV

How does eLife TV work111111111?

eLife is based on Next Generation Fiber Optic Technology which allows you to receive high quality voice, superfast Internet and a High-Definition TV into one amazing experience. It offers you better picture quality as the picture is completely retained in digital format.

How is eLife TV better than my existing TV connection11111111111?

eLife TV is powered by Etisalat's Fiber Optic technology, hence the picture and sound quality is better than your building TV system and more reliable than Satellite TV. Besides elevating you to a new technology eLife TV offers you innumerable other advantages that will change the way you watch television :
- All your selections of TV channels can be made available through the same Set Top Box
- Easy options to relocate / shift
- Uninterrupted Viewing
- Amazing new features such as Recorder, On Demand, Catch-Up TV etc.

What equipment is required to receive eLife TV services?

A Set-Top-Box (decoder) is required to receive the eLife TV service. The Set-Top-Box is available from Etisalat. You can also access eLife TV services on iPad/iPhone, PCs and Android devices with only an additional monthly access fee.

What are the TV packages available on eLife TV?

Packages offered reflect the viewing preferences of residents within the United Arab Emirates. The pricing is very competitive and offers a good entertainment value for the money to our viewers. To see what is offered please click here.

Can I use Satellite / Building TV service as well as eLife TV simultaneously?

Yes. Satellite and eLife TV services can be used simultaneously on a single TV set. While the satellite / building system can be used as per regular practice, eLife TV gets connected to one of the HDMI / AV inputs of the TV set. Select the specific input from your TV remote to enjoy eLife TV services.

Will I be able to view all the channels as my TV set has very few channels?

Yes. You will be able to view all the channels even if your TV set has very few channels. The Set Top Box provided by Etisalat enables a large number of channels to be viewed irrespective of the number of channels supported by your TV. However, kindly note that only the channels that you have subscribed to will be available for you to enjoy. You can subscribe to additional TV packages directly from the TV menu.

I have more than one TV set at my home. Can I connect my eLife TV subscription to all of them?

Yes, you may subscribe to additional connections for a nominal monthly fee plus additional subscription charges for some of the Premium TV packages.

How can I personalize my TV experience?

You can create user profiles for the different family members. This allows you to ensure better control. Define or change allowed rating for channels or movies, limit On Demand consumption, create different favorite channel lists and languages for all members of the family.

What is the Guide?

The Guide is the electronic program guide of eLife TV. It lists the current and upcoming programs on most channels. The Guide allows you to navigate through the menu using the arrow keys, selecting and discovering programming by channels, time and title. Additional information including a brief synopsis of the program you select is also available.

What is On Demand?

You're busy. We know it. With On Demand, you're no longer ruled by the programming grid. Movies On Demand is like having a video store in your living room. It gives you access to a large collection of movies of every genre. To find out more about On Demand click here

What is Catch Up TV?

Catch Up TV is a cool feature of eLife TV that allows you to catch up with TV content you may missed form your favourite TV channels. Using your eLife TV remote control you can access the Catch Up TV application, select from the available channels listed and go back in time up to seven days to watch the program you may have missed.

What is the difference between recording a program and watching it later or watching the same program on Catch up?

Not all of your favorite channels will be available on Catch Up. So for channels that are not, you will need to use the Recorder to record a program to watch it later. Also programs are available on Catch Up for up to seven days only, so you will need to use the recorder if you want to keep the program for replay, longer than that.

Do I have to choose a Basic TV package?

One or two Basic TV packages of your choice is recommended. There are a good number of pay TV channels in every Basic package. eLife TV includes many channels free even before you choose a Basic package subscription. To the free channels and Basic packages you may add any Premium packages or a la carte channels.

Will a channel I am watching get recorded automatically?

Yes temporarily to allow you to pause and rewind/replay. Changing the channel erases this automatic recording to start recording the new channel. While watching a particular TV channel, it is very easy to start impulse recor

Will all my recordings remain in my box?

Yes. However you will not be able to view the programs that you have recorded if your eLife subscription becomes inactive. Once you utilized the full capacity of hard disk, then older programs will be deleted to record new ones.

What is High Definition TV (HD TV)?

High Definition is a greatest advance in television since the arrival of color TV in the 1960s. Until now, TV picture quality has been limited in resolution by the "number of lines" displayed on screen; about 625. This has not changed since TV standards were established. Even the best TV picture broadcast was never sharp and crisp or deep with details due to this limit which was locked-in due to the early TV technology limitations. The new HD standard is a huge step forward. Full HD displays a picture in 1080 lines of resolution so that fine details of a scene or textures and shades of objects are presented well.

Can all my TV channels be HD if my TV is HD?

No. Only channels that are recorded and broadcast in High Definition will be in HD.

What is required to watch HD TV?

Three things must be present to enjoy HD TV:
- HD content and signal from a broadcaster
- An eLife TV Set Top Box
- An HD-ready or full HD TV screen

In electronics shops, TV screens are sold as HD-Ready or Full HD. What is the difference?

The LED, LCD or Plasma TV screens being sold today are offered in these two resolutions mainly due to cost differences. An HD-Ready screen can receive and display HD TV picture with excellent quality and performance. However, when viewed side-by-side to a similar screen that is Full HD, there is a noticeable increase in picture quality due to the higher resolution.

What is e-junior?

The first and only kids channel that belongs to the children of the UAE. A fantasyland for kids where they can learn, discover, love and laugh. From everyone's lovable cartoon characters to live action, there's something for children of all ages and nationalities. Click here for more information on e-junior and for new features such as kid's online drawing board and much more.

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