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National Development Programme

At etisalat, we believe that the PEOPLE are the organisation’s most important assets. Therefore, etisalat has developed several programs targeting the whole span of career levels starting from the early days of joining the company until reaching the executive level of the organisation. Our objective in the Career Development Section is to build the next national generation of corporate leaders in etisalat.

The aim of our programs is to provide etisalat with a pool of highly motivated and qualified leaders from which etisalat can meet its current and future challenges. Our mission is to welcome, develop and prepare Emiratis to start their career path in etisalat until they become cadres backed by outstanding competencies.

National Training Programs

The Graduate Training and Development programs target UAE fresh graduates with a focus on bringing new blood into the organisation. The new generation of manpower is known within etisalat as the “Digitation Graduate Trainees”, because they are entering the “Digital Era” of etisalat where new technologies are based on smart applications, cloud services, big data and other technologies which are emerging to the market in an exponential way.
It is a comprehensive 15-month program which includes induction, orientation, mentorship, training, rotation and on the job learning.


      • Participation in all career fairs in the UAE
      • Arranging Recruitment Open Days for the UAE Nationals in all of the Emirates
      • Arranging university visits and collaborations
      • Campus recruitment events with major universities
      • Association with leading nationalisation entities in the UAE such as TANMIA and TAWTEEN

The program also targets existing UAE National staff, who are continuing their education and obtaining bachelor degrees in various fields. This will allow them to progress in their careers and fulfil their aspirations within etisalat.

Qadat Al Mostaqbal

The Qadat Al Mostaqbal Program (Leaders of the Future) aims to prepare the next generation of corporate leaders with a special focus on UAE Nationals. The program started in 2005 and is now preparing to celebrate the 4th batch of graduates in November 2015. Over 400 UAE Nationals have participated in the program to date.

The Qadat Al Mostaqbal program is designed in association with local and international leading business schools. The program duration ranges from 1 to 3 years and focuses on the key competencies of the organisation and how they can transform the strategy into reality.

The program also aims to prepare etisalat executives to deal effectively with the adaptive challenges by providing them with space to reflect and discover, and for empowerment and growth. The aim is to develop high potential to become future dynamic employees, focusing on all departments and defining goals, objectives and performance standards that are specific, measurable, attainable, and result-oriented using concrete active language.

The program includes the following development methodologies:
    1. Assessment and evaluation
    2. Classroom training
    3. Case studies
    4. Action plans
    5. Career counselling
    6. Mentorship program
    7. Job shadowing and job rotation
    8. Simulation exercises

The below strategic success factors have been implemented in etisalat for the above program:
    1. Measuring the retention of the employees with high potential in the program
    2. Evaluation of the candidates' satisfaction level
    3. Building individual development plans
    4. Involving the participants' names into the succession plans for the company