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As the world advances towards a digital future, enterprises and government need to adapt to exceed customers expectations. Become smarter and lead the way through your transformation journey.

Our Transformation Pillars


End-to-End Tailored Industry Solutions

Stemming from the UAE’s vision to be a leader in digital transformation, we have created end-to-end industry solutions to help enterprises and government achieve their strategic goals, by providing the best experts, platforms and tools through flexible business and financial models.


Empower your students, teachers and schools with digital content and learning platforms for a smarter education.

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Create a healthcare ecosystem connecting patients, doctors, and healthcare providers for a smarter healthcare.

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Smart Government

Partner with us to transform the UAE into the world’s smartest country. Our digital solutions will help you implement smart processes and experiences that guarantee citizens happiness.

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Safety & Security

Gain public trust by providing the highest levels of security with our wide range of public safety and security solutions.

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Energy & Utilities

Control, monitor and analyse your Operational Infrastructure (OT) efficiently through a wide range of industrial IoT solutions.

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Financial Services

Create a seamless and secure customer experience by enabling your digital channels. We help you migrate your customers to a cashless environment with our state of the art payments solutions

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Transportation & Logistics

Connect, manage and monitor your assets and vehicles anywhere and anytime. We provide you with accurate information to make real-time decisions, reduce unnecessary journeys, increase efficiency and decrease environmental impact.

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Construction & Smart Development

Design and transform communities into the smart developments of the 21 century . We work closely with you to provide tailor-made solutions  that deliver a secure integrated customers experience.

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Retail & Distribution

Build a flexible, consistent and efficient customer experience across all your channels. Our solutions will enable you to efficiently manage your assets and distribution channels.

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Hospitality & Entertainment

Ensure your visitors receive  an unforgettable experience from the minute they log into your website to the time they check-out.

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3D Bill from Etisalat

Enjoy many additional features in your 3D bill, including improved security, better system performance, more browsers supported Arabic language support, and many more.

For more information please visit: The 3D Bill website

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