Legendary DNA meets 5G speed in the new motorola razr 5G. With two fully capable screens, razr 5G is proof that great things happen when opposites come together.


Infinitely Capable, Perfectly Pocketable

Revolutionary flexible material and an innovative zero-gap hinge allows razr's gorgeous 6.2” OLED display to fold in half, fitting comfortably in your palm or pocket.

Iconic Device, Iconic Packaging

A device as unique as razr deserves packaging that elevates your experience. Use the box razr arrives in as a stand to hold the phone up and amplify your music or podcasts. Keep the fabric accessory case to carry your charger, headphones, and more when you’re traveling.

Powerful Performance

Get unstoppable performance from the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 765G processor and flip between apps smoothly with 8 GB of RAM. Enjoy 256 GB of room for photos, music, films, and games.