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Watch anytime, anywhere

If you don’t want to miss any of your favourite programmes, carry the entertainment you love with you on all your devices, and if you’re an eLife customer, it’s free!



With eLifeON, you can use any of your devices to:

  • Stream hundreds of live TV channels from around the globe
  • See OnDemand movies and TV shows (Hollywood, Arabic, Bollywood, Tagalog, STARZ PLAY, Shahid)
  • Catch-Up TV – go back up to 7 days and watch programmes you missed
  • Start Over – rewind back to the beginning of the programmes when you miss it
  • Pause Live TV
  • Set reminders and view recordings

Get more features with the eLifeON app


How to subscribe

eLife TV customers

  • Enjoy the channels* you are subscribed to at no extra cost
  • Download the eLifeON app here and log in
  • You can view the channel list here

*Not all channels available on the eLife TV box are available on eLifeON – channel availability on eLifeON is subject to availability from our channel partners

Target: Etisalat.ae Live