Collect Call

Additional benefits:

  • Keeps you connected and reachable at all times
  • Works even when you’re out of credit or during emergencies
  • No payment required at the time of call

How to use:
Make a collect call:

  • By dialling *132*05xxxxxxxx# where 05xxxxxxxx is the number of the called person
  • By dialling 132 
  • For both the methods above, the receiver will first be requested to either accept or reject the call. Upon accepting, the call will then be connected.

How to manage:

  • All customers can set their own whitelist by dialling *132#. Numbers added to the whitelist will be connected by the called party without permission
  • All customers can set their own blacklist by dialling *132#. Numbers added to the blacklist will be automatically rejected without disturbing the called party

Additional charges:
The service is free of charge. However, the called party will be charged according to his/her normal applicable tariff plan that he/she has subscribed to.

Additional benefits:

  • The collect-calls will be shown in the recipient (payer) bill with their charges and details
  • This service is only available within the UAE and not available while roaming
  • This service is available between Etisalat customers only