Monthly 3GB – Monthly Contract Roaming Packs

Additional benefits:
Auto-renewal (12-month contract) upon subscription date

How to manage:
Check your usage by texting "Data" to 1010 (standard charges apply)

Terms & Conditions:

  • The packs are available to Etisalat customers, individuals or business accounts, and Wasel prepaid customers (note: prepaid subscribers are not eligible for the Monthly 1GB and Monthly 3GB contract packs)
  • Postpaid customers should have the standard roaming service or special roaming service in order to subscribe
  • When roaming in non-preferred operators in preferred countries, data usage will be blocked
  • You'll receive notifications from Etisalat informing you about this when you try to use data via a non-preferred partner
  • You will still have the option to restore your data at standard roaming rates in case of any limitation on network coverage of preferred partner
  • This can be done by texting "UBLOCK" to 1010 (standard SMS roaming rates apply)
  • This is applicable only if you are roaming in countries that cover data packs
  • When roaming in any operator in non-preferred countries, data will be charged at standard roaming rates
  • Daily pack will auto-renew only upon data usage after validity of previous subscription is over. Fair usage applies when reaching 500MB per day (speed is reduced to 128Kbps)
  • For contract based add-ons (1GB, 3GB), early termination charges of one month service fee may apply
  • Etisalat follows uniform data allowance configuration across its packages, and your data units will be based on the below conversion: 1GB = 1000MB, 1MB = 1000KB, 1KB = 1024 bytes
  • When consuming data from a roaming data package, or at a pay-as-you-go rate, your allowance will be deducted on the basis of 30KB increments. However, only in Lebanon, your pay-as-you-go roaming data usage without any package will be rated on a 10KB pulse
  • To view the full list of our roaming partners, dial *177# or click here

AED 400 (VAT not applicable)