Roaming Monthly Business Class Pack

Additional benefits:

  • Can be used in any of our preferred roaming partners (250+ operators in more than 130 countries), in-flight coverage included
  • Incoming calls can be received when roaming with any operator globally, in-flight coverage included except satellite and maritime operators
  • Minutes can be used for receiving and making calls to the UAE and other preferred countries
  • Charged upon purchase but validity starts upon first eligible usage

How to subscribe:

  • Via the My Etisalat UAE app
  • By dialling*177# (within the UAE and abroad)
  • By texting "RBP" to 1010 (standard rates apply)
  • Via Smiles app
  • Via our Customer Care (Etisalat Traveller’s Help Line)

How to manage:
Check your usage:

  • Via the My Etisalat UAE app
  • By dialling *177# (free within UAE and abroad)
  • By texting “roam” to 1010 (standard rates apply)
  • You'll also be notified upon reaching 50%, 80%, 90% of your data usage, and upon full consumption of your voice or data allowance.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Data and outgoing calls can be used when roaming in eligible countries, inflight coverage included 
  • Incoming calls can be received when roaming with any operator globally, inflight coverage included, excluding satellite and maritime operators.
  • Outgoing minutes can be used to call UAE and eligible destinations.
  • Data usage is blocked in non-preferred roaming partners.
  • Roaming data usage without a pack is blocked for your protection from excessive charges, you can view and purchase the heavily discounted pack through *177# (for free).  If you want to use data roaming at standard roaming rates, text UBLOCK to 1010 (standard SMS roaming rates apply) valid for 24-hours afterwards will automatically revert to blocking again.
  • Calls to non-eligible destinations will be charged as per standard roaming rates.
  • Pack is one time and cancellation is not allowed.
  • Multiple purchase is allowed up to 6 times at any given time.
  • To view eligible countries where pack can be used and destinations that can be called using this pack, go back to standard roaming rates > select country > press partners. Alternatively you can dial *177# or visit
  • Postpaid customers cannot make direct calls in some operators/countries due to roaming package subscription. To see the full coverage list of operators/countries visit You can send SMS “REROAM” to 1010 (standard charges apply) to enable direct calling. However, you will lose your roaming pack subscriptions and will be notified.
  • Price:
    AED 600 (VAT not applicable)