Smart MCN

Additional benefits:

  • Totally free; no rental and no set-up fees and no message retrieval fees within the UAE
  • Default availability
  • Never miss an important call and stay connected with your family and friends at all times
  • Your callers can record a voice message of up to 30 seconds long
  • If your callers didn’t leave you a voice note, you'll receive your MCN normally

How to activate:

  • By dialling*1*
  • By dialling *123#

How to use:

  • Retrieve your voice-notes:
  • By dialling *1*
  • By dialling +971 40 044 4132 if you're outside of the UAE (IDD rates apply)

  • Note: If A is calling B while B’s mobile is switched off, the Smart MCN service will be activated and A will hear the following: “This person is not available, leave him a voice note after the beep, normal call charges will apply”. A can wait for the beep and leave a voice note or simply hang up. When B becomes available again on the network, B will receive the voice note and if A didn’t leave a voice note, B will receive an MCN notification. In both cases, no charges will be applied on B.
    A will only be charged if he/she waited for the beep and left a voice note.

How to manage:
Deactivate by dialling *123#.