Voicemail – Executive

Additional benefits:

  • Service is available in English and Arabic
  • Free alerts via SMS when somebody leaves you a message, and you can retrieve the message at anytime
  • Access, listen, reply, send/send a copy, send as group, forward, auto transfer, save, skip and delete voice messages
  • Save up to 30 messages for up to 14 days
  • Up to 90 seconds per message

How to activate:

  • By dialling 123
  • By dialling *123#

How to use:

  • Dial 123 to retrieve voicemail messages
  • If outside of the UAE, call +971 400 444123 (roaming rates apply)

Additional charges:

  • One-time set-up fee of AED 50 (5% VAT excluded)
  • For Postpaid customers, voicemail messages retrieval: AED 0.32/min (5% VAT included)
  • For Prepaid customers, voicemail messages retrieval: AED 0.38/min (5% VAT included)

    For example: If A reached B’s voicemail and recorded a message, A will be charged normal call charges as per his/her tariff plan and based on the length of the message. After A hangs up, B will be notified via SMS. B will be charged only when calling 123 for message retrieval.

Terms & Conditions:
Available for Postpaid mobile customers only

AED 15/quarterly (5% VAT excluded)