Call Services

  • Dial *43# to activate
  • Dial #43# to deactivate
  • Charges: Call waiting is free of charge with no rental or subscription fees

When you use Call Forwarding, incoming calls to your mobile are sent to another mobile number or fixed-line in the UAE based on your preference.

  • Forward all calls: Dial *21*05xxxxxxxx# to activate or #21# to deactivate
  • When busy: Dial *67*05xxxxxxxx# to activate or #67# to deactivate
  • When no answer: Dial *61*05xxxxxxxx# to activate or #61# to deactivate
  • When switched off/unreachable: Dial *62*05xxxxxxxx# to activate or #62# to deactivate
  • Deactivate all: Dial ##002#
  • Charges: No rental or subscription fees

This service allows you to get a total of 5 people into an interactive call simultaneously.
To make a conference call, check your handset manual to ensure that your handset supports the conference call feature. Ensure that "Call Waiting and Call Hold" is activated. Then follow these steps:

  • Call the first person and put them on hold, then call the second person and put them on hold, and so on When all participants are on hold, activate the conference call by choosing Merge Calls
  • Charges: You're charged at the respective call rate for each person you call to join the conference call (if you call 5 persons into the conference call, you'll pay for 5 calls). Each person who calls you to join the conference is charged at his respective rate. The Call Conference service is enabled by default to all customers. *Any person who calls while you're on a conference call can be added to it.
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