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Galaxy Upgrade Programme

Rediscover your Samsung Galaxy every year

Join Etisalat’s exclusive “Galaxy Upgrade Programme” and get the latest Samsung Galaxy smartphone next year. Simply purchase the latest Samsung Galaxy smartphone on an 18 or 24-month Smart Pay contract, subscribe for free to the exclusive programme, and you will be eligible for the upgrade to the newest device upon completing 12 months of your contract.

*Terms and conditions apply

Let us guide you

Ensure your device is ready

  • Make sure your device is in good working condition
  • Back up the data on your old device
  • Take note of all passwords and locking pens on the devices

Get your device evaluated

Visit selected Etisalat upgrade stores where our technical staff will assist you in:

  • Checking your contract eligibility
  • Checking availability of the new device
  • Performing a quick validation check on your old device

It’s time to upgrade!

If the device is accepted by the technical team, you should remove all your personal data and disable any device lock features. You can now return your old device, choose the new device contract at 18/24 months, and renew your Galaxy Upgrade Programme.


How to subscribe

Important to know

The must-know details about this service


  • To subscribe to the Galaxy Upgrade Programme, you have to purchase the latest Samsung Galaxy smartphone on an 18 or 24-month contract
  • To upgrade to the latest Galaxy Smartphone, you need to be an existing subscriber with the Samsung Galaxy S9, S9+ and Galaxy Note 9, and have completed 12 months of your contract
  • If you have not completed 12 months of your contract but wish to upgrade, an early upgrade charge will apply, which is:
    the monthly instalment charge of the Smartphone Plan x the number of months remaining to complete the initial 12 months’ period
  • Customers with older Samsung Galaxy models including S8, S8+, Note8 are not eligible for the programme

Device condition

At the time of upgrade after completing 12 months of your contract, make sure that:

  • Your old device is in good working condition with proper call-making, web-browsing and touchscreen functionality
  • Your old device is free from physical damage, apart from normal wear and tear (for example, it does not have liquid damage, a cracked or discoloured display or casing, connector damage or faulty or broken SIM reader)
  • Your old device is provided with a fully-functioning battery
  • Your old device does not include disassembled, customised or non-original parts
  • All activation and locking features of the old device have been disabled
  • The SIM and memory cards have been removed from the old device
  • The IMEI should match the old device originally purchased (you can access the IMEI number by dialling *#06#)

Where to upgrade

To upgrade your phone, visit any of the upgrade locations across the UAE:

Business Centre
  • Main Business Centre
  • Dalma Mall
Abu Dhabi
  • Mall of the Emirates
  • Deira City Center - Level 1
  • Deira Business Center
  • Al Fahidi Outlet
  • Mirdif City Center
  • Dubai Mall
  • Al Wasl Business Center
  • Dubai Mall 2
  • Ajman City Centre
  • Ajman Business Centre
  • Al Manakh Business Center
  • Mega Mall
  • Sahara Centre
  • Al Ain Mall
Al Ain

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