Terms & Conditions - Galaxy Upgrade Program

    • In order to be eligible for the service, you must be subscribed to the Smartphone Plan with an old smartphone device purchased from Etisalat on instalment period of 18 months or longer
    • You may opt in to the service by submitting an application form at Etisalat outlets or through other means specified by Etisalat
    • Unless communicated by Etisalat, you may only upgrade to the latest model of smartphone device offered by Etisalat; and the old smartphone must be the preceding model of the same smartphone device. The details on the eligible models of old smartphones and new smartphones will be specified by Etisalat at the time of exchange
    • You are not eligible for an upgrade if your old smartphone is lost or stolen, or otherwise unavailable for submitting to Etisalat at the time of upgrade

    • You will be solely responsible for removing all data, including personal and confidential data and device locks from the old smartphone prior to the upgrade to the new smartphone
    • It is your sole responsibility to back up any files or data from the old smartphone that you wish to retain after the upgrade of the old smartphone; Etisalat does not provide data recovery service as a part of this service and shall not be liable for any lost or disclosed files or data or content whatsoever
    • You shall be responsible for removing the SIM card from the old smartphone; Etisalat shall not be responsible for any costs arising from your failure to remove the SIM card or any memory card
    • You warrant that you are the owner of the old smartphone
    • You shall make sure not to have security software that will block access to the old smartphone

    • The upgrade to the new smartphone is provided by Etisalat to you at no additional charges, if you have completed at least the initial 12-month period of the smartphone plan
    • If you have not completed the initial 12-month period of the smartphone plan, and elect to upgrade to the new smartphone, an upgrade charge will apply; the upgrade charge will be calculated as follows:
      monthly instalment charge of the smartphone plan x the number of months remaining to complete the initial 12 months’ period
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