Terms & Conditions - Roam like Home

  • Roam like Home is available only to Freedom Plan customers
  • Can only be used with preferred partners, including in-flight operators; for the full list of our preferred roaming partners, click here
  • Voice allowances:
    • Calls to the UAE and any number belonging to the visited preferred country are considered local calls; the same applies for sending SMSs
    • Flexi minutes can be used to call the eligible countries; calls outside of the flexi-eligible list are charged as per local plan rates
    • Fair usage policy applies when outgoing voice calls reach 3,000 minutes for the subscription; local plan rates apply upon full consumption of the 3,000 minutes
    • Receiving calls is free for up to 500 minutes for the subscription; incoming calls are charged at AED 0.36/min upon full consumption of 500min
    • You can reset the pack to refresh your voice caps; a new charge applies and FUP is reset to zero
  • Data allowances:
    • Data fair usage applies to Roam Like Home with data, as follows:
  • You can reset the pack to refresh your data caps; a new charge applies and FUP is reset to zero
  • Local plan rules/rates apply upon full consumption of your local allowance (but within Roam like Home validity)
  • Multiple subscription is not possible; however, Data Weekly and Voice Weekly can co-exist
  • Usage enquiry for the pack in use is as per locally available channels (check your local pack details for more info)
  • For one-time packs, cancellation is not allowed. Upon reaching the end of validity, pack expires and standard roaming charges apply
  • For monthly auto-renewal plan, cancellation (unsubscription) is allowed, where plan (and its eligibilities) will cease upon end of bill cycle. If you subscribe and unsubscribe within same month's bill cycle, you will be charged in full.
  • If subscribed to RLH but roaming with non-preferred operators in preferred countries:
    • Usage is blocked to protect you from extra pay-as-you-go data charges
    • Voice and other non-data services are charged as per standard roaming rates
  • Roaming data usage without a pack is blocked for your protection from excessive charges, you can view and purchase the discounted pack through *177# (for free). If you want to use data roaming at standard roaming rates, text UBLOCK to 1010 (standard SMS roaming rates apply) valid for 24-hours afterwards will automatically revert to blocking again.
  • VAT is not applicable on subscription and usage


Local Plan: Freedom Plan 300 (no contract) with 20GB and 750 flexi minutes

Roam like Home: Data Weekly

Roaming in preferred roaming partner: Mobily, Saudi Arabia

  • You can use up to 10GB of your allowance at full speed, following which your speed will be reduced (as per the fair usage policy)
  • You can make outgoing calls to the UAE and other flexi-eligible countries from your allowance (as per the fair usage policy)
  • When you call a number belonging to the visited country, your usage is from your local minutes allowance
  • Receiving calls is free for up to 500min for the subscription (not consumed from voice allowance) and upon full consumption of the 500min, incoming calls will be charged at AED 0.36/min
Target: Etisalat.ae Live