Terms & Conditions

1. Only users with valid Absher cards are eligible to get the benefit, as long as the card is valid.
2. Before the card’s expiry or within 1 month of the card’s expiry, please contact etisalat customer care on 800101 to update the details of your card or visit your nearest etisalat Business Centre.
3. Mobile Plans
    - In case of early termination of the contract, exit charges of 1 month’s plan rental will apply.
    - Once the contract duration is over and the Absher card is still valid, your plan will continue on the same rental and benefit. However if the card has expired, you will be downgraded to postpaid monthly plan.
    - Each Absher card is eligible for one Absher Plan connection.
    - Balance can be checked by dialling *140#.
    - Preferred number for Absher Plan 4 can be set by texting “ACT NAT” to 1012.