Al Shamil

Improve your online experience with our high-speed internet connection. Stream videos, play games online or just browse.

Affordable, reliable and easy Internet connection

Affordable plans, lesser waiting time, more things can be done and achieved
No more busy tone when you are online
Share your fast and easy-to-use connection with your family for a better online experience


  • Fast connection at an affordable price
  • Free simple migration


Pack Download/Upload Speed Free Hotspot Data Monthly Charges***
1 1Mbps 8 hours Unlimited AED 259**
2 512Kbps 8 hours Unlimited AED 199*
3 256Kbps - Unlimited AED 69
* AED 100/month for special needs individual
** AED 130/month for special needs individual
***5 % VAT excluded


Installation charge is 199 AED applying through an Etisalat business/service center.

How to Subscribe

Browse through our variety of eLife packages to find the one that suits you!, Al Shamil service is available in non-Fiber area only