Mobile Internet

Enjoy the most reliable wireless internet access at all times

Enjoy the Best Mobile Internet

Get superfast Internet on your phone or tablet with the largest 4G network in the UAE. Share music and photos, surf the web and socialize online at the click of a button.


  • Instant access, just pop in the SIM card
  • Superfast download and upload speeds
  • Stream, game and browse in the blink of an eye

What is 4G LTE?

• 4G is the latest “4th Generation” mobile technology that brings you super speeds for download and surfing when using a compatible device.
• LTE is the name of the technology and is the most adopted 4G technology globally.

How to Subscribe

Browse through our variety of eLife packages to find the one that suits you!

Terms and Conditions

  • 6 or 12 month contract
  • 12 months warranty period 
  • Early termination exit fee
  • DataPlan Packages limited to local use upgrading or downgrading between packages