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Home Protection

Safeguard your home contents with the Home Protection insurance plan


Whether you rent or own your home in the UAE, as an etisalat Home customer you can now protect your belongings with our partner, Union Insurance Company, for up to AED 50,000 of value, plus accommodation if your home is uninhabitable for up to 15 days.


The Home Protection plan covers you for any damage to your personal belongings and loss of personal documents.

  • Covers damage of home contents from water leaks, fire, electrical shorts, accidental damage and theft for AED 50,000
  • Reimbursement for up to 15 days of temporary accommodation included
  • Hassle-free cover on loss of personal documents for you and your family
  • No surveys, paper work or hidden charges, and no commitment period


Discover what an AED 10/month insurance can cover in the table below.

What is covered Maximum limit
Home contents (includes all except cash, jewellery, mobile phones and valuables) AED 50,000 deductible - AED 200 every loss
Alternative accommodation AED 500/day for a maximum of 15 days
Loss of personal documents (eLife customer and his family, including the domestic help) AED 500/document, maximum of AED 2500
*5% VAT included

*Important to Know:
Etisalat is not at any time considered as the insurance service provider or an agent of Union Insurance Company, the Insurance Provider. Any claims or contestations for any insurance coverage need to be negotiated directly with Union Insurance Company only. The address of the premise insured should be the registered address with etisalat, as provided on the monthly eLife bill and should be presented during claim settlement process.
For more details on the insurance and claim procedure, please read the Terms & Conditions or contact our insurance partner Union Insurance Company call centre on the toll-free number 800 UIC4U (84248), their dedicated phone number +971 4 3787 550, or visit


Your home contents are insured through Union Insurance Company — a leading insurance provider in the UAE. There are no surveys, no paper work, no hidden charges and no contracts – simply subscribe to the etisalat Home Protection Plan for just AED 10 per policy per month. The subscription details and amount will be reflected in your monthly eLife bill.

• Call 800 101 for subscription and more details
• Call the Union Insurance Toll-Free Number 800 84248 if you need detailed clarifications
• Visit any etisalat store or outlet

Upon subscription, you will receive the policy document. Should there be a need for insurance claim, all you have to do is reach out to Union Insurance Company with the paid etisalat bill and the unique policy reference number.
To check if there are any special plans available for your Home content insurance, please call your etisalat representative.

Terms & Conditions

1. Home Protection is a contract between the Policyholder and the insurance provider - Union Insurance Company. etisalat shall not be responsible and liable for any actions or decisions of Union Insurance Company.
2. The Policyholder should be an active etisalat Home customer and the address of the premise insured should be the registered address with etisalat, as provided on the monthly eLife bill. This should be presented during the claim settlement process.
3. The Policyholder should be the owner or should have an active tenancy contract in his/her name or an immediate family member’s name or should be the owner in respect of the premises insured.
4. Claims settlement shall be on First Loss basis, no Average clause will apply.
5. Items above AED 5000 have to be supported by proof of value at the time of claim.
6. The Policyholder should inform the Union Insurance Company (UIC) in case the premises insured is unoccupied for more than 60 days.
7. In case the Policyholder is having another insurance covering the same loss, UIC shall contribute a rateable proportion of not more than 50% of the amount which is otherwise payable under this policy.
8. UIC has the right to investigate the loss/damage, in case of a claim.
9. All required clarifications, operational requirements, claims, settlement process and disputes should be handled directly between the Policyholder and the insurance company where etisalat will in no way participate.
10. For more details, complete terms, conditions and exclusions, please refer to the terms and conditions document provided on UIC’s website You can also contact Union Insurance Company call centre on the toll-free number: 800 UIC4U (84248).
11. Alternatively, for a detailed view of all terms and conditions, please click here.
12. Please ensure that you go through the terms and conditions before subscription.


Please read the frequently asked questions and terms and conditions.