1. What is the Annual Add-on?
Annual Add-on is a pack on top of your base plan which gives upfront data and/or minutes. It comes with a 1-year allowance validity period and can be paid off in monthly instalments over 12 months.

2. How many types of Annual Add-ons are available?
We are offering 4 flavours of Annual Add-ons:
• 100GB for AED 100/month
• 50GB + 2000 flexi minutes for AED 100/month
• 500GB for AED 500/month
• 1 TB for AED 1000/month

3. How do I subscribe for the Annual Add-on?
Simply visit the nearest etisalat store, or via My etisalat app. A one-month advanced rental or auto pay subscription is required.

4. How many Annual Add-ons am I eligible for?
You can have one active Annual Add-on at a time. If you wish to have another one, you need to cease your current subscription and pay the outstanding instalments followed by another purchase. However, your allowance for your ceased Annual Add-on will remain valid till it expires or fully consumed.

5. What happens when I cease my Annual Add-on?
In case you've requested to terminate your Annual Add-on, you need to pay all remaining instalments but you can still enjoy the allowance till it expires or it’s consumed.

6. Can I upgrade/downgrade between my Annual Add-ons?
No. You need to cancel and settle all remaining instalments (outstanding) of your current Annual Add-on before you can buy a new one.

7. How do I enquire about my Annual Add-on balance?
You can check your balance through My etisalat app or dial *170# for data enquiry and *140# or for flexi minutes enquiry.

8. How long is the Annual Add-on valid for?
One full year, 365 days from the activation date.

9. What do the flexible minutes cover?
Flexible minutes cover local and international minutes only. For a list of the excluded countries, please click here.

10. How do I cancel the Annual Add-on?
Cancellation can only be done through the etisalat retail channel.