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Start/Stop Data Service

Get on-demand Internet on your mobile

No Wi-Fi, no problem. Need mobile data for a short period of time? Etisalat has you covered. Start/Stop Data service gives you the option to use mobile data for short periods as and when needed, where you can use as much data as you want and pay only for the time you use at a very affordable rate.


  • Data speed will be limited to 1mbps 
  • Minimum access charge of 30 fils will apply for the first 15 minutes of usage 
  • You will be protected from Pay-as-You-Go charges for 2 hours after stopping your data session


Start/Stop Charges* Speed Start Session Stop Session
Time-based data access 2 fils/minute Limited to 1mbps *777*1# *777*2#
*5% VAT excluded

How to Manage The Service

You can Start/Stop/Check your data sessions by dialling *777#

Terms & Conditions

• You can use Start/Stop Data service even if you have existing daily/weekly data plans to pay by the minute and save your data allowances
• You will not be able to share your data access with other devices or users while within a Start/Stop data session

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