Go green and get your bill to your email

Make your life easier and never lose a bill

With all your bills on your email, you never have to worry about them being lost. Plus,you’re doing your part in saving the environment.



  • It is convenient; log in to your email account anywhere and view your eBill
  • It is secure; the eBill is delivered straight to your email so you no longer have to worry about misplacing it
  • It is faster than mailed statements; your eBill will be sent to your email address within the first week of the month and you will be notified via SMS once it has been delivered
  • It is organised; you can easily store your eBills on your PC, hard disk or keep them in your Inbox folder for future references
  • It is free


How to register

Text your email address to 1997 and will receive your eBill from the following month