Daily Local Calling Packages

A variety of bundled minutes and discount offers to suit your local calling needs

Enjoy the best Daily Local Calling Packages

We know how important it is to keep in touch with your friends and family that’s why we offer you a variety of offers to suit your local calling needs.


  • Bundles are valid for 1 day
  • Pay only on days you use
  • Attractive bundle sizes to suit your needs
  • Automatic renewal of bundles only on days you make local calls

Local Daily Packs

We all need a little extra sometimes and when you do, you can be sure that you’re covered. Find the details on the charges for the packs below.

Daily Package Charges per day (AED)* Charges per minute (AED)*
5 local minutes 1 0.20
10 local minutes 2 0.20
30 local minutes 4 0.13
*5% VAT excluded
Out-of-bundle local calls charged as per tariff plan
International calls charged as per tariff plan
To subscribe, dial *111*1*1#
To unsubscribe, text C LOCAL5, C LOCAL10 or C LOCAL30 to 1010, according to the subscribed offer

Local Discount Offer

You can now enjoy a 10% discount on all your local voice and video calls. Subscribe now and make the most of this great value offer while it lasts!

Number type Discount Charges per month (AED)*
Local Voice and Video Call 10% 10
*5% VAT excluded
Applicable for all local calls
To subscribe, visit any etisalat Business Centre or outlet. Alternatively, you can dial *135*1*1#.
To unsubscribe, dial *135*1*1*2#