One-time fee
5% VAT excluded

Wasel Premium Number


  • Get a personal phone number of your choice.
  • Gain access to more content with 3GB data free each month for the first 6 months.
  • Enjoy a free Wasel SIM card.


Wasel Special Premium Number comes with a one-time charge of AED 1,000 and there is no commitment or monthly charges to be paid thereafter. For more details on Call, Data & SMS charges, click here

Terms & Conditions

  • The free 3GB benefit will be activated once you start using the data and will be renewed every 30 days until the 6th month.
  • If at any point you decide to transfer the ownership of the line, the free data benefit will be discontinued.
  • As long as you keep making calls or sending messages, your line is valid for a lifetime. In case you do not use your line for three consecutive months, the lifetime benefit on your line will be withdrawn and it will be subsequently disconnected.
* 5% VAT excluded

Where to Buy

You can visit select etisalat outlets to choose a Wasel Premium Number

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