Daily Roaming Packs

Everything you need in one roaming package

Daily Roaming Packs

The complete package that suits your need as you travel away from home even while on transit now with voice minutes so you can make those quick calls and answer calls while roaming.


  • Pack is available for all Etisalat customers with active roaming service.
  • Can be used in any of our preferred roaming partners (200+ operators in more than 100 countries), in-flight coverage included.
  • For Daily Combo Plan, incoming calls can be received when roaming with any operator globally, in-flight coverage included except satellite and maritime operators.
  • For Daily Combo Plan, minutes can be used for receiving calls and making calls to UAE and other preferred countries.
  • Charge starts upon 1st usage in eligible countries (not charged upon subscription).
  • Reset feature available up to 6 times a day (daily fair usage and data speed will be reset).

Packs details

Validity: 24-hours upon 1st eligible usage; with auto-renewal on days of use.
You can purchase the pack today and use it whenever you want. Validity starts only upon usage in eligible countries.

Pack Name Price (AED)* Data Allowance Voice Allowance
Daily Data Plan 35 Daily data roaming (with fair usage policy)
FUP upon reaching 500 MB/day
Daily Combo Plan 60 Daily data roaming (with fair usage policy)
FUP upon reaching 1 GB/day
15 minutes
*VAT not applicable

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Know more on where to use the pack, how to purchase it, and how to check its status.

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Terms and Conditions

• For Daily Combo Plan, calls to non-eligible destinations will be charged as per standard roaming rates.
• Fair usage applies when reaching daily volume limit wherein speed is reduced to 64 Kbps.
• You can reset pack (up to 6 times per day) after reaching fair usage by subscribing again, you will be charged as per pack price and new time starts after subscription. Request for reset after reaching the maximum daily limit will be rejected.
• Cancellation is allowed for this pack as follows:
- Through Etisalat UAE mobile application
- Through *177# (dialing is free within UAE and abroad)
- Through our Customer Care (Etisalat Traveler’s Help Line)
- Sending “C RDC” via SMS to 1010 (standard charges apply) for Daily Combo Plan
- Sending “C RDD” via SMS to 1010 (standard charges apply) for Daily Data Plan
• If you are on a postpaid line with full roaming service and subscribed to this pack, direct calls are not supported in non-CAMEL operators/countries (see list). You can send SMS “REROAM” to 1010 to enable direct calling. However, you will lose your roaming pack subscriptions and will be notified in effect.
• When you are subscribed to this pack but roaming in non-preferred operator (in an eligible country):
- Data usage is blocked. To enable data usage on non-preferred networks, please send “UBLOCK” via SMS to 1010 (standard charges apply).
- Please send “BLOCK” via SMS to 1010 (standard charges apply) in which data usage in non-preferred operator will be blocked again.
• When roaming in a non-eligible country:
- data will be charged at standard roaming rates.
• You can subscribe to this pack along with other roaming data/combo packs.
• Etisalat follows uniform data allowance configuration across its packages, and your data units will be based on the below conversion: 1 GB = 1000 MB, 1 MB = 1000 KB, 1 KB = 1024 Bytes.
• When consuming data from a roaming data package, or at a pay-as-you-go rate your allowance will be deducted on the basis of 30 KB increments. Only in Lebanon, your pay-as-you-go roaming data usage without any package, will be rated on a 10 KB pulse.

For more information, please visit our FAQ page.