Incoming Voice Roaming Packs

Enjoy a wide range of incoming voice roaming packages


Stay in touch with your family and friends back home with our weekly and monthly packages which offer all our customers the best value for receiving calls abroad.


  • Can be used globally, excluding satellite and maritime operators
  • Starts from the first minute received abroad
  • Expires after validity period or full consumption (whichever comes first)
  • Available to all etisalat users – postpaid and prepaid


Get great value for your money with the lowest rates in UAE

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Pack Details

Know more on who can purchase this pack, where to use it, how to purchase it, and how to check its status.

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Terms & conditions

  • Calls received while roaming on satellite or maritime operators will be charged at standard incoming roaming rates
  • Once the pack has been consumed or expired (whichever comes first), incoming calls will also be charged at standard incoming roaming rates
  • Cancellation is not possible, as these are one-time subscriptions
  • It is not possible to subscribe to the same pack more than once at the same time
  • You can repurchase the same pack after the previous one expires or if the existing pack is fully consumed before its expiry date