UAE Wi-Fi by etisalat

UAE's largest Wi-Fi network

Always worried about videos consuming up all your data? Panic no more!
If you want to surf the internet, check your social media accounts or anything else on the internet without worrying about consuming all your mobile data, connect to UAE Wi-Fi by etisalat using any Wi-Fi enabled device and start enjoying free internet access at more than 350 locations across the UAE.

Packages for etisalat users

If you are an etisalat user who’s subscribed to any mobile data package of 1GB and above, you are eligible for free Wi-Fi hours

Etisalat Data Pack Free Wi-Fi hours
1GB - 4GB 5
4GB - 10GB 20
10GB and above 30

Packages for non-etisalat users

Enjoy unlimited internet access with Wi-Fi paid packages

Price (AED)* Usage Validity
5 Unlimited 1 day
*5% VAT included

How to Connect?

  1. Enable Wi-Fi on your device.
  2. Select UAE Wi-Fi by etisalat to be directed automatically to the Wi-Fi landing page on your internet browser.
  3. On some devices, you may need to open your internet browser and type any website address (that is not https, for example:
  4. First-time users must register by entering a valid mobile number. You will then receive an SMS with your 4-digit PIN code. Enter your mobile number as the login name and your PIN as your password. If you forgot your PIN, click on “Forgot password”.
  5. If you are a returning user who has previously selected “Remember me”, you will be automatically directed to the main screen.
  6. If you have free Wi-Fi hours* on your account, click “start” on the main page to start your Wi-Fi session. Otherwise, you will be given the choice of purchasing one of the packages using your credit card, Wasel recharge card or your etisalat Prepaid/Postpaid account balance
  7. Once your session starts, a timer will appear showing the time remaining.

* Free Wi-Fi hours come with your data package
**If you have run out of free Wi-Fi hours or you are not an etisalat data user, you should purchase Wi-Fi packs

Find a Hotspot

To find etisalat hotspots, search the interactive map below or go to My Etisalat UAE app.