Mobile Solutions

أثري تجربتك بمزيد من التواصل والتوفير

Fuel your experience with more connectivity and affordability

Mobile Solutions

With our mobile solutions, you can track your usage, make voice and data calls, catch up with friends on social media and live stream your favourite TV shows directly to your mobile device.

Internet Calling Plans

With a subscription to any of the etisalat Internet Calling Plans, you can make unlimited voice & video calls* with any of our supported applications.

Enjoy a World of Benefits

  • Call other users who have the same app as you
  • No other charges for the calls
  • Once you subscribe, all you need to get started is an eLife at home or Mobile Data
*calls are only app-to-app

etisalat Apps

The simplest way to access and manage etisalat services

Make the most out of etisalat services.

Download etisalat's convenient and easy-to-use mobile apps.
Manage your accounts, track your usage, make online purchases and payments, and find out more about exclusive offers from wherever you are.


Secure and faster storage solution tailored for you. Have all your photos, music and videos instantly available anytime.

Store your Photos, Music and Videos in our Secure eCloud

Whether sharing moments with family, listening to music with friends or delivering an important presentation at work, eCloud makes sure your documents, photos and music are safe, secure and up-to-date but most importantly accessible from any device.