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Get 5000 Smiles Points
with Autopay!

Register one or more accounts and get 5000 smiles points for each!

Autopay with Smiles

Register to Autopay for your postpaid accounts (eLife, mobile, landline and Al Shamil) with the minimum amount of AED 250 and win 5000 Smiles points for each account you register!

Spend your Smiles points for dining, entertainment, wellness and much more, because with Autopay you will have more time for yourself.

Register now! The promotion is limited to the first 1000 new Autopay subscribers.

*Terms and Conditions apply.

Autopay Benefits

How to Register


Pay Quickly & Register for Autopay in 3 easy steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your desired account and the amount you would like to pay/recharge and make the payment
  3. Upon successful payment, click on Autopay and set up your account, following the instructions


Login to My Etisalat & Register for Autopay in 4 steps:

  1. Login to My Etisalat at
  2. Click on Autopay.
  3. Enter your credit or debit card details and select the account you want to set up for Autopay.
  4. Set the amount and the date for your payment and click Register.


Visit a store & our representative will get you registered:

  1. Visit your nearest etisalat Business Centre or outlet.
  2. Let one of our representatives help you register Autopay for your account/s.


Important to know

Autopay with Smiles Promotion - Terms and Conditions

  1. Autopay with Smiles promotion is a limited period offer.
  2. Only the first 1000 newly registered Autopay users will receive 5000 Smiles points.
  3. Autopay with Smiles promotion can be availed only for Autopay amount set up for AED 250 and above.
  4. You can register Autopay for more than one postpaid account and you will receive 5000 Smiles points for each one of them, if they are registered in the promotional period.
  5. 5000 Smiles points will be added to your account within 7 days upon the first successful Autopay transaction of AED 250 and above. These points will be added to your account one time only.
  6. The promotion is applicable to all postpaid users (eLife, mobile, landline or Al Shamil).
  7. The promotion is not applicable for customers:
    • with Smart Pay plan
    • who have already registered Autopay for their accounts before March 1, 2018.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are there any charges to register for Autopay or any monthly debits?
    No, Autopay service is completely free of charge. There are zero charges.

  2. When will my set-up amount for Autopay be deducted?
    Autopay will deduct the set-up amount on every 15th of the month for your postpaid accounts and it will recharge your prepaid accounts on your chosen day/date.

  3. Can I set an amount of my choice for my postpaid and prepaid account?
    Yes, you will have three choices to choose from for your postpaid and prepaid account.
    For postpaid accounts, you can set the amount as:
    1. Full Outstanding: the total monthly bill will be deducted
    2. Fixed Amount: the fixed amount set by you will be deducted (even if the bill is less or more than that amount)
    3. Outstanding Amount Up To: the set amount will be deducted (even if the bill is less than that amount)
    For prepaid accounts, you can set the amount as:
    1. Day Of The Month: choose any day of the month and the amount
    2. Date Of The Month: choose any date of the month and amount to recharge
    3. Recharge Balance Reaches To: set the balance amount your account reaches to and choose the amount to recharge

  4. Which credit or debit card types can I use to set up Autopay?
    You can register for Autopay using a Visa or Mastercard credit/debit card issued locally in UAE.

  5. What bills can I pay using Autopay?
    You can pay your etisalat mobile services (Postpaid), eLife, landline and Al Shamil, as well as your prepaid mobile Wasel account recharge or renewal.

  6. My credit or debit card number has changed/expired. How do I modify my existing Autopay subscription?
    All you need to do is to simply visit any of your nearest etisalat store for assistance.

  7. How do I cancel my Autopay service?
    To cancel your Autopay service, log in to and disable your Autopay registration. Alternatively, you may visit any of your nearest etisalat store/Business Centres for assistance.