5% VAT excluded

Double data promo

Double Data for AED 100 on New Postpaid for a limited time

Double your Data for a limited time

The new Double data promotion is a limited time promotion. It allows you to double your monthly data allowance for just AED 100 per month if you subscribe or already subscribed to any of the “New postpaid yearly plans” mentioned below.


Your monthly data allowance will be double as per the yearly plan you subscribed. Your monthly data allowance will be as below after subscribing to “Double data promotion”.
• New postpaid 150: 12 GB data + 500 local minutes
• New postpaid 150: 12 GB data + 200 Flexible minutes
• New postpaid 250: 24 GB data + 1000 local minutes
• New postpaid 250: 24 GB data + 300 Flexible minutes
• New postpaid 500: 50 GB data + 2000 local minutes
• New postpaid 500: 50 GB data + 750 Flexible minutes


Details Charges*
Activation Fees (One Time) None
Monthly Rental AED 100
Note: Rental is non pro-rated
Data Allowance Same as eligible base plan
Note: Only national data allowance
Contract Period Non-contract
Validity Add-on will stay on the account as long as the customer is on the base plan on which the add-on is subscribed to or until the promotion period is ON, whichever is earlier
Exit Charges No Exit Charges applicable
*5 % VAT excluded

How to Subscribe

• Etisalat UAE Mobile App
• USSD Menu: Dial *170#
• SMS: Send DD to 1012
• IVR Menu: Dial 125
• Dial 101
• Etisalat business centers & outlets

Terms & Conditions

• The “Double Data promotion” offer is only eligible for New postpaid yearly plans (150, 250 and 500) customers (as mentioned above).
• The “Double Data promotion” monthly rental AED 100 will be charged in full and the plan data will be doubled during the month of activation.
• Once subscriber opt-in for the “Double Data promotion” the add on will be automatically renewed every month for a charge of AED 100/Month. Till the end date of the promotion period.
• Once subscriber opts out from the “Double Data promotion” offer, Subscriber will get data allowance as per original plan starting from the following month.
• The “Double Data promotion” cannot be activated multiple times in the same month. I.e. sub can only subscribe once a month.
• In case of deactivation sub cannot reactivate it in the same month.
• In case of migration/upgrade/downgrade, Double data promotion will be cancelled, subscriber will get data as per the plan he/she is migrating to, however, the doubled data will be available to subscriber till end of month.
• There is no exit charge applicable for “double Data promotion”, however the exit charges for migration will remain same as per current business rule.