Home telephone Voicemail FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the default Voicemail box password on the Voicemail system?

When you dial into the Voicemail system (123) for the first time from your home telephone, you will need to set up a new password.

How many messages can I store in the Voicemail box?

You can store up to 15 voice messages.

What is the length (time) of the new Voicemail messages?

The length is 30 seconds.

How long can I save the Voicemail messages?

You can choose to save Voicemail messages for 14 days. Our system automatically stores them for 3 days only.

Can I check my Voicemail messages online or by using My Etisalat UAE App?

Sorry, this feature is currently not available.

Will there be notifications for Voicemail messages on the home telephone?

Sorry, there are no notifications for Voicemail messages left on your home telephone.

How do I fast-forward or rewind messages on the new Voicemail system?

You can press # to skip and directly go to the next messages.

Can I retrieve a deleted message from the Voicemail box, if so, how?

Unfortunately, once you delete a Voicemail message, it cannot be retrieved.

Is it possible to store a message permanently on the new Voicemail system?

After retrieving a voice message from the system, you can save it for 3 days only.

I forgot my Voicemail password. How can I reset it?

Please visit the Etisalat Business Center or dial 101 from your home telephone to reset the password.

What happens if my home telephone Voicemail box is full?

When your Voicemail box is full and a call is redirected to the system, it overwrites the oldest message automatically.

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