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Frequently Asked Questions

What is etisalat Home Protection?

Etisalat Home Protection is an insurance cover that protects the Contents of your home against events such as Fire, Theft, Accidental damage etc. This Home content insurance plan also provides inbuilt benefits such as reimbursement for Alternative Accommodation in case your home is uninhabitable by any covered event and reimbursement for reissuance of lost personal documents. The total coverage value ranges from AED 50,000 to AED 2 Mn. Some of the high-end policy cover also offer additional “Tenant’s liability” benefit of AED 1 Mn. Please refer to the terms and conditions for detailed coverage.

What is the meaning of home contents?

Contents means household goods and personal effects owned or (excluding cash, bank notes and stamps), that belong to you or your family. Content do not include jewelry and valuables unless specified.

Who all can buy this home content insurance plan?

Any Etisalat Home customer, who has an active Etisalat fixed product (eLife) within UAE can subscribe to this plan. You just have to ensure that you continue to be an Etisalat home consumer at the time of claim, if it happens. It is important that the customer presents the Etisalat bill with valid address and Home protection subscription details to the Insurance Company during the time of claim or settlement.

How can I buy this plan?

You can buy this product through any Etisalat business centers / stores or by calling the customer care at 800101, any time 24 x7. Etisalat customers can also buy this product through the My Etisalat UAE Mobile App. However, please note that Etisalat is only a referral partner for this product, and the insurance company will be the complete service provider.

What is the price and how should I pay?

The Home protection plan is a high value option you get because you are a privileged Etisalat consumer at a price much lesser than the open market rate. For all the benefits, the customer will have to pay just AED 10 per month per policy including the 5% VAT for the basic plan with AED 50 K coverage. There are multiple options available for the customer to the tune of AED 2 Mn coverage, which costs AED 300 per month. Please check the specific coverage value as per the product table. You do not have to pay it separately since the amount will be reflected in your monthly eLife bill.

Whom should I contact for policy related support?

Etisalat is just a referral partner, and will support the customer to buy this plan and collect the monthly premium depending on the plan the customer is subscribed into. However the policy document is released by Union Insurance company (Our partner). All insurance related support including the clarification of doubts and claim settlement support have to be directly availed through union insurance company. Contact Union Insurance Company Call Centre - Toll Free Number 800 UIC4U (84248) or visit www.unioninsurance.ae for more details.

How will I get the policy document?

The home protection policy document released by UIC will be emailed across to you by Etisalat. It will reach your registered email ID. However you will also get the subscription detail in your registered mobile number as an SMS. The policy document will have a Unique reference number, which the customer will have to quote for any interaction with the insurance company

What is the maximum cover I am eligible for?

The products offers a single coverage option of AED 50,000/- to upto AED 2 Mn for Home Contents.

Is there a deductible at the time of claims?

Yes, there is a deductible of AED 200 for each and every claim.

When does coverage commence?

Coverage commences immediately after you have been enrolled into the plan by Etisalat.

What is the coverage period?

The coverage period is 30 days from the date of enrolment and thereafter if you are still an active eLife customer and haven’t actively de-enrolled from the plan.

Where do I get to know about more details about the plan?

Apart from the Etisalat’s website, you should visit UIC website for more details on claim process, product terms and conditions. Please go through the detailed terms and conditions in the website or that is available at our stores before purchase. We will be available any time to help you with clarifications, if required.

Is there any exit charges that I have to pay to discontinue the offer once subscribed?

There is absolutely no exit fee.

Can I take this policy even if the house is rented?

This plan can protect your home contents irrespective of you owning or renting the property / house. It is only mandated that your home address should be as per Etisalat bill and there should be valid ownership or rental documents proving that the place is under your name or under the name of your immediate relative. More importantly, these are required not for purchase, but to be submitted to UIC during claim process, if asked.

Can I change my residence during my coverage period?

Yes, we don’t take your residence details at the time of purchase. At the time of a claim, you should have valid proof of residence, UAE residency and an active eLife account.

Is there anything I need to do after buying the policy?

No! Your policy is live and active, without any hassles and declarations for your coverage period.

Will my Home Contents (in UAE) be covered even if I am on vacation?

The policy covers you for a period of 60 days of non-occupancy in your home. If, for any reason you are away from your home for more than 60 days, please inform the insurance company to ensure an active policy status.

What is the claim amount at the time of Total Loss

Scenario – Total Loss due to Fire.

In the unfortunate event of a total loss by Fire, the insurance company will request for a declaration of contents in your Home.  The maximum limit for the settlement of claims shall be AED 2Mn/-

At the time of claim, will I have to declare the value of any content?

At the time of claim, the company will ask for a declaration of items along with a proof of value for contents above AED 5,000/- .

Does valuables like Mobile Phones, Laptops and Watches covered under this policy?

These kind of contents are considered as mobile and usually not covered under home insurance. However as a special extra benefit, we have ensured that these materials – namely watches, laptops and mobiles are covered under the Home protection Plans with the total coverage value of AED 1 Mn and AED 2 Mn only. Please visit detailed T&Cs to understand the specific coverage scenarios.

What is the meaning of Tenant’s liability?

This privilege is available only for those subscribers who opt for the AED 1 Mn or AED 2 Mn coverage values with a monthly rental of AED 200 or AED 300 respectively. It refers to the amount that the insurer is covered against the cost of damage incurred as the tenant of the property to the owner.

What are the claims guidelines?

  • Claims should be intimated immediately but not later than 30 days from the date of event.
  • Claims shall be intimated through any of the designated channels provided in the terms and conditions.
  • The insurance company will investigate the loss upon notification.
  • Claims will be settled based on receipt of replacement invoice value for similar items.
  • In the event of Total Loss of Contents, the Company shall pay up to the Sum Insured, as per plan chosen.
  • All burglary claims shall be supported by a police investigation report.
  • Items above AED 5,000/- must be supported by proof of value at the time of claim.
  • Prof of residence (ownership/tenancy contract) is required at the time of claim.

Will contents, being delivered or those in transit be covered?

The coverage is for contents within the residential unit and not for content in transit or outside the premise.

Are there any free offers providing me content coverage?

From time to time, Etisalat will come out with several flavors of this plan with free or paid options. Currently there are special pricing for certain sub segment of home customers (Like Ana Emirati) etc. You will be reached directly by Etisalat or you may call our customer care for more information.


The above information has been simplified for general comprehension. The coverage and claims will be as per the detailed product terms and conditions.

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