Home Zone Wi-Fi Promotion

FAQs for the Home Zone Wi-Fi Promotion

What is the Free 3 Months Home Zone Wi-Fi promotion ?

As a special year-end promotion, Etisalat offers free 3 Months rental for the Home Zone Wi-Fi service upon subscription. For any new Home Zone Wi-Fi service subscription during the promotion period customers will not pay the AED 29 monthly rent per home Zone for the first 3 months, after that the normal monthly rental fee will apply

Who can benefit from the Free 3 Months Home Zone Wi-Fi promotion?

All Etisalat Home customers that have an active internet line and subscribe to the Home Zone Wi-Fi service during the promotion period will benefit from the 3 Months promotion.

I am currently a subscriber to the Home Zone Wi-Fi service. Will I get any discount or will my rental be waived off during this promotion?

This promotion is only available for new Home Zone Wi-Fi subscriptions. Existing Home Zone Wi-Fi subscribers will continue to enjoy their services at the normal monthly rentals

I understand that the service rentals are waived off for the first 3 Months as part of the promotion. Do you have any other charges towards survey, engineer visit, devices, installation or any other hidden charges?

There are No additional charges nor hidden charges with the Home Zone Wi-Fi service besides the AED29 monthly rental fees per Home Zone. As part of the 3 Months Free Promo the rental will be waived for the first 3 months for all new subscription to the service during the promotion period.

Are there any separate exit charges for the promotion?

No, there are no additional exit charges for the promotion.
All the service specifications, benefits and exit charge rules remain same as it is today.

What are the Home Zone Wi-Fi service exit charges?

AED 500 per Zone is charged as exit fee if the customer ceases the service during the first year, and the exit fee will become AED 250 during the second year of the contract.
However, there will not be any exit fee post 24 months of subscription.

What will happen if customer already subscribed to 1 Home Zone Wi-Fi service and want to subscribe to a second Home Zone service during the promotion period?

The existing subscription will be considered as new subscription; hence, customer will get the benefit of the ongoing promotion, the rental for the 2 Home Zones will be waived for 3 months. Example: Assuming you subscribed to the 2nd Home zone your rental for 2 Home zones during the promo period will be AED 0 instead of the regular AED 58 / Month for 3-month period.

Can I shift the service from my current place to the next home during this promo while enjoying the promotion benefits & what is the charge for that?

Yes, you can shift these services free of cost from your current location to the new location along with your eLife shift request absolutely free.

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