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Frequently Asked Questions

What is eLife Double Play?

eLife Double Play is your combined offering of Landline Telephone and Broadband Internet services in one convenient bundled package. It provides HD voice quality with superfast internet speeds of up to 30Mbps. eLife bundles have built-in value with the landline service including Caller ID, voicemail, and a monthly credit of 20 international minutes. Your PC is protected against viruses with Norton antivirus, and email accounts are available with generous storage.

Do I subscribe on a monthly basis?

All eLife bundles are initially subscribed on a 12-month commitment. Thereafter, the subscription is monthly.

I am already an Al Shamil user. What benefits will I get if I move to eLife Double Play?

You will enjoy home services in one convenient bundled account; there are value benefits and cost savings when compared to separate service subscriptions.

Will I be charged if I terminate my contract before the end of the 12-month commitment period?

Yes. You will be charged for whatever free or discounted benefits you have received when you first subscribed.

How many phone lines do I get with eLife Double Play or Triple Play?

All eLife bundles include one landline phone connection. Bundles of 16Mb and above have an optional second line, free upon request. The second line is billed separately from your eLife bundle bill and has no built-in credits or free services that are included in the first line.

What is a router and do I need one?

A router is a device that provides the connection to eLife broadband and wired or wireless access to the internet and connected devices in a home network. It is not a must, but almost everyone uses a router for the convenience of multiple connections that a home usually requires. Etisalat offers the latest routers at very reasonable prices, either cash or in 12-instalments.

Can I access the internet at a public Wi-Fi (Hotspot) location if I’m away from home?

Yes. If you want to access the internet at a mall, a local coffee shop or public location, you may either connect with the username/password provided by the coffee shop or alternatively, you may use the username and password of the eLife bundle that you subscribed to. A free monthly Hotspot usage allowance comes with eLife bundles (starting from the 1Mbps) To use your free Hotspot hours:

- Enable the wireless connection in your device
- Select etisalat as network SSID
- Select eLife users payment method from the drop down list
- Enter your eLife account username and password
- Click Submit and enjoy your browsing experience

I get an email account with my eLife. How do I add new boxes?

To add your additional email account(s), click here. Log in with your eLife username and password and add the extra email accounts that come with your service bundle.

How can I protect my computer against virus infections?

With your eLife broadband service, you receive a free Norton Anti-Virus license. You can download your free subscription to the antivirus software here. Log in with your eLife username and password. Click on Secure Desktop Service and install.

If I move out from my home, can I bring along the white fibre box (ONT) with me?

The fibre box or Optical Network Terminal "ONT" installed in your residence belongs to etisalat. It is intended to remain for the use of the next resident. Users are not allowed to take them away when they move out.

Can I upgrade or downgrade between the different eLife bundles?

Yes, you can. However, there will be a nominal fee of AED 100 for a downgrade. If the downgrade or upgrade happens within a promotional period, (i.e. during the 3 months of discounted rentals) your new speed will be charged at the regular price only.

How does the monthly bill look like – would I receive separate bills for the eLife services?

For your ease of understanding and convenience, you will receive one consolidated bill for all eLife bundled services. The bill summarises each service and provides details of any usage for each.

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