Frequently Asked Questions

In what scenario is the adjustable cylinder needed?

The adjustable cylinder is needed for doors without suitable Euro cylinders/ door furniture. If it is not an emergency/ dual action cylinder, then the customer will need this adjustable cylinder.
Emergency cylinder means, the cylinder can be operated from both sides at the same time. A key from one side is not blocking the usage from the other side.

What do I do if my guest does not receive the invite I send?

if you sent an invite to your lock and your guest does not receive it, there may be an issue with the contact information you sent it to. Double check the number you sent the invitation to is the correct number. If the invite was sent to an incorrect number, go to Yale Access App, delete and resend the invite ensuring that the phone number is correct.

How will I know if the batteries in my Smart Lock need to be replaced?

When the batteries hit 20%, you will receive a low battery email notification. You will continue get reminders until you change the batteries. It is advisable to change as soon as possible.

How do I change the Lock sound?

It is possible to change the sounds a Smart Lock makes. If you would prefer the Smart Lock to make no noise, you can turn the sound off in the Yale Access App:

  • Open the Yale Access App
  • Go to Lock Settings
  • Toggle Lock Sounds OFF

You must be within Bluetooth range of the lock to modify this setting.

My guest received the SMS invitation, but my key does not appear in their keychain

If your guest received an SMS invitation from you, but after setting up their account they do not see your key in their keychain, they may be an inconsistency between the number you sent the invite to and the number the guest created their account with. If this happens, ensure that the numbers match by cross-referencing the number you sent the invite to with the one on the new account. If the numbers do not match, delete the invitation and resend it to the number in their account. The guest should find the key in the keychain after completing this step.

Where do I find information about warranty?

Yale offers 1-year manufacturer’s warranty on Yale Linus, Mortise and Assure Smart Locks. In case the unit is defective, a replacement will be provided.

What do I do if the App says the lock is unlocks when it is actually locked?

If the Yale Access App shows that your lock is locked when it’s really unlocked (or vice versa), chances are it needs to be recalibrated. Please initiate recalibration from the settings tab on your Yale Access App. You must be within Bluetooth range of the lock to recalibrate it.
Please note that incorrect lock status may also happen if the lock is laying on a flat surface.

How many properties and devices can I have attached to my account?

technically, there is no limit to the number of properties on one Yale Access Account. If you have multiple properties, you can create keys for all of them in your Yale Access App. Each property will extend the list of keys in your keychain and you will need to scroll to access them, similarly, there is no limit to the number of devices that you can add to a property.

Will the adjustable cylinder fit my door?

The adjustable cylinder claims to be one size fits all solution for DIN/Euro cylinder locks; as such the internal length can be extended from 30mm to 65mm by 5mm increments. The external length can be extended from 30m to 60mm by 5mm increments.

Is the technology hackable?

Yale take security very seriously as it has done since 1860s with physical locks. They take all reasonable care to provide that the confidentiality, integrity and availability of collected data and personal identifiable information are kept in accordance with legislation and best practice. They deploy industry-standard security and engage third party security auditor to review/test the products, taking all reasonable care to ensure the products are safe and secure. Yale will not openly discuss in details the methods engaged to secure the systems and customer’s data. Doing so may inadvertently give vital information to “would be” hackers.

What cylinder style does the adjustable cylinder work with?

the adjustable cylinder works with DIN style/Euro cylinders.
These can be identified by having the following shape.

How many keys do I get with the adjustable cylinder?

Two keys will be delivered with the cylinder.

Can you send a PIN to your guests if you do not have a bridge?

Yes, you can create the PIN using the Yale Access App and send it to your guest by adding their mobile number. Your guest will receive the SMS with link to download the Yale Access App and use the PIN shared

Can you shift the locks with you if you re-locate to a new house?

Yes, you can simply remove the lock from your existing door and mount it to the new property
It is advised to recalibrate the lock based on new door

What is the battery life for the locks?

For Linus lock, the battery life varies between 6-9 months depends on the usage.
As for Mortise and Assure locks battery life varies between 10-12 months depends on the usage.

How do you activate privacy mode on Mortise YDM4109A YDM3109A locks?

To enable/disable using a physical button from the interior side of the lock – red indicates Privacy Mode is enabled and green for disabled, where the lock cannot be accessed from outside except with the mechanical key override.

How do you activate privacy mode in Assure locks?

Privacy Mode is disabled by default. Enable Privacy mode by pressing the privacy button for 4 seconds to put the lock in do-not-disturb mode (all PIN codes are disabled)

Are the locks weather resistant and can be used outdoor?

While the locks are waterproof and dust proof, the Digital Locks are not recommended to install or have direct exposure to an outdoor environment.

How many RFID card/tag comes with Mortise YDM3109A?

4, separate cards to be bought (up to 100 users)

How to avail free installation service?

To avail FREE installation, customer needs to call Yale Call Center on 800YALE (8009253) to schedule the installation visit after receiving the device.

How many devices can be paired under the free installation service?

Free installation cost includes pairing of the devices on 1 phone, additional phones to be configured will be chargeable at AED50 per additional phone.

How many days after purchase can you request the free installation service?

Customer should contact Yale for installation within 30 days of purchase. Service is void if the contact is made after 30days of the purchase.

In case customer support is required who to contact ?

Customer need to Contact Yale Customers Service
Toll-Free 800YALE (8009253).
Sunday to Thursday 9:00am to 5:00pm

How to request a warranty claim?

For warranty claims, customers need to contact Yale Customer Service when they need a replacement. By sending email to: or by phone 800YALE

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