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Credit Transfer

We offer you a number of solutions to meet your needs. You can now transfer data and credit locally and internationally as well as request credit from your family and friends.

  • Local Credit Transfer:
    All Wasel (prepaid) and postpaid users with active accounts can use this service to transfer credit to prepaid etisalat numbers
  • International Credit and Data Transfer:
    All prepaid (Wasel and FIVE) and postpaid users can send credit or data to prepaid accounts in selected countries overseas
  • Request for Credit Service:
    Prepaid users can use this service

  • Local Credit Transfer:
    5% of the transferred amount will be deducted from the sender as a transaction fee
  • International Credit and International Data Transfer:
    There are no transaction fees while transferring credit or data. However, rates may vary from one operator to another, and the fixed denominations will be SMSed to the sender. Foreign exchange rates may also vary
  • Request for Credit Service:
    This is a free service, but limited to two requests per day

  • To transfer credit without a PIN Code:
    • Dial *100*Mobile No.*Amount#
    • Mobile app: Share Credit and Data - Pay & Recharge for friends

  • To transfer credit with a PIN Code:
    • Dial *100*Mobile No.*Amount*PIN Code#

  • To request a new PIN:
    • Text "CTPIN" or "CT PIN" or "CPT" to 1010; SMS is 32 fils (5% VAT included)

  • To change the existing PIN:
    • Dial *143*Old PIN*New PIN#

  • To request credit:
    • Dial *107*050XXXXXXX*Amount#

  • To reset the forgotten PIN:
    • Call 101 or visit any etisalat store

  • To cancel the PIN:
    • Visit any etisalat store

  • International credit can be transferred in the following ways:
    • Dial *100# and follow the instructions
    • Dial *100*international number# and follow the instructions
    • Text the international number to 1700 and follow the instructions

  • International data can be transferred in the following way:
    • Text the international number to 1700 and follow the instructions

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